People Sharing Videos of Senior Cats’ Stories Leads to ‘Miracles’ After Years of Waiting

People Sharing Videos of Senior Cats’ Stories Leads to ‘Miracles’ After Years of Waiting

A Maryland rescue, the Chesapeake Feline Association, has been sharing “TikTok miracles” after finding homes for adult cats in Cecil County. After years, many of these cats have never had a single adoption application. Until now…

If there’s one pawsitive thing about social media, it’s connecting people with pets! With a lot of creativity and effort, these cats’ unique stories reach thousands of people. And, when people share them, the odds of winning the Cat Lottery, a loving home, go way up! 

TikTok Miracles for Adult Cats

The rescuer’s ameowzing efforts have helped draw national attention to cats like Hera, who has waited since June of 2017 (over six years) in the no-kill rescue center. Like so many adult cats, Hera found herself in the shelter when her family faced serious health problems.

“Despite her gentle and timid nature, Hera often remains overlooked. This sweet cat finds comfort in the company of docile and kind-hearted feline friends, and her heart seeks a tranquil environment where she can truly shine,” the no-kill shelter manager, Patty Kent, told Newsweek.

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Hera the cat as seen in Newsweek via Chesapeake Feline Association

On TikTok, people have come forward to express interest in fostering or adopting Hera. Those interested in Hera or one of the many other adult cats can fill out an application on the rescue’s website.

Making Biscuits in a Deserving Home

Unfortunately, Hera is one of many adult kitties who have had little interest in years. One such cat is a senior tortie cat named Biscuit. In this case, her human brought her at 12 years old to the vet to be put down for no good reason at all. (see below).

Despite their shocking intentions, she’s alive and well at the rescue and just needs someone worthy of her love.

Biscuit plays with a toy at Chesapeake Feline Association

Biscuit plays with a toy at Chesapeake Feline Association.

We have no words for how somebody could do this to a senior…or any… cat. But thank goodness the veterinarian refused to put her down and reached out to the rescuers!

“Biscuit lived her whole life with her best cat friend and what she thought was her forever family…until her companion cat passed away and her owner decided he wanted a kitten instead….so he brought Biscuit in to be put down. We quickly scooped her up and gave her so much love, but she is ready for a new family to call her own. Biscuit is about 12 years old but is just as sweet as a 12 week old kitten, please don’t let her age scare you ♥️”

Rescuer from Chesapeake Feline Association with Biscuit the 12-year-old cat

Rescuer from Chesapeake Feline Association with Biscuit the 12-year-old cat.

At the time of this writing, Biscuit is ready to make biscuits in a worthy home. 

“Since being in our care, she has THRIVED,” they shared on Facebook. “She is one of the friendliest cats in the room and she is an attention hog! You cannot walk into the shelter without her running up to you and she will not leave you alone until you give her your full attention.”

A TikTok Miracle After 7 1/2 Years!

When people see these cat’s stories, the TikTok miracles do happen. For example, Foxy, a beautiful tabby and white girl who waited over 7 1/2 years, found a loving home. 

Foxy the cat, TikTok Miracles, Chesapeake Feline Association

Foxy the cat

In June 2022, Girl Scout Troop 934 visited the shelter and wrote Foxy’s cute bio. What a great idea to help cats find homes, too! Then, at the turn of the year, the rescuers started posting similar stories on TikTok and have seen such interest from thousands out there!

Bio written by the Girl Scouts for Foxy

Bio written by the Girl Scouts for Foxy via Facebook/Chesapeake Feline Association in June, 2022.

After years of living in a free-range cat room with 20+ cats, Foxy went home with Amanda Wolfe and her family. Now, she’s living her Golden Years with the love and affection she deserves.

Foxy the cat waited over 7 1/2 years to find a home at Chesapeake Feline Association in Maryland

Foxy meets her new family!

“I’m not crying, you’re crying 😭❤️Really, we are just so happy for her 🥳🎉,” the Chesapeake Feline Association shared. 

Wolfe kindly updated on Foxy’s fabulous life with her three furry sisters.

“As you can see, she is loving life at home. She’s getting all of the pets and all of love and soaking it all in,” said Amanda. 

There are so many more cats like Foxy, Hera, and Biscuit who need homes at a shelter near you. 

As always, adopt, don’t shop, and please spay and neuter your pets.

Foxy looks out the window in her home, TikTok miracles

Foxy looks out the window in her home.

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